docuPAD’s menu selling system is an interactive products selling menu situated between the customer and the business manager. Standard menu packages can be pre-established for each type vehicle sale transaction. Customers can pick and choose their own customized package of products quickly and easily. Each time a package is chosen the customer’s payment automatically changes to the correct monthly amount.

docuPAD’s menu selling system provides:

  • Pre-set menus based on vehicle and payment type.
  • Customized menus to include all dealer products and services.
  • Interaction with the customer so they feel in control.

docuPAD’s menu selling system allows the business manager:

  • To display all product and service brochures and information sheets electronically.
  • To highlight, draw, make notes on the screen, and print information sheets for the customer.
  • To display all dealer and vendor products in multi-media presentations.
  • To customize any package of products for every customer.

docuPAD’s menu selling system allows your dealership:

  • To have your F&I products and services presented to every customer every time.
  • More selling time utilizing multi-media sales tools of all dealer F&I products and services.
  • To increase F&I sales and profits.
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