docuPAD features will allow your dealership to:

  • Present F&I products to every customer every time.
  • Increase sales revenue and profits.
  • Ensure proper disclosure of finance documents to every customer.
  • Clearly display all deal forms and secure customer acceptance.
  • Correctly secure customer signatures on the proper form line.
  • Improve and streamline business practices.
  • Effectively safeguard customer information.
  • Save time in the business office.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Besides improving profits and increasing transaction accuracy, docuPAD offers these benefits:

  • Interfaces with DMS to save time by retrieving F&I deal data.
  • Creates a "multi-media selling environment" that can be interactive between the customer and F&I manager - the best way to sell aftermarket products.
  • Requires proper disclosures by dealership F&I personnel of financial, insurance, warranty, manufacturer, and other documents in multiple languages, both in written and audio formats.
  • Helps keep dealerships compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • Ensures all documents are signed and complete.
  • Electronically records the deal process step-by-step.
  • Creates an electronic deal jacket of the documents created.
  • Creates a printed customer copy of deal forms while maintaining an electronic copy for the dealership.
  • Can upload form image and data to corporate or dealer-owned storage systems for protection of data.
  • Speeds up the F&I process, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to use and easy to understand - little training needed.
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