The docuPAD’s forms become docuFORMS that are digitally displayed on the glass screen making it easy to read for the customer. The system adds intelligence to the process by calling up the correct forms for the customer’s deal in progress. Signature lines and initial areas are highlighted allowing the customer to know exactly where to sign each document. Documents and forms are signed electronically on the docuPAD’s screen capturing an eSignature. The customer’s forms are laser printed (Color, duplex when necessary) in one nice collated stack. docuFORMS speeds up the process and allows the customer to begin enjoying their new vehicle.

docuFORMS digital presentation provides:

  • Every dealer form in the deal process.
  • Pop-up information boxes in written and audio formats for required state and federal law disclosures in multiple languages.
  • Intelligence to correctly offer requisite deal forms and highlights required signature and initial areas.

docuFORMS allows the Business Manager to:

  • Make proper disclosures on every dealer form.
  • Capture eSignatures quickly and accurately on every document and form.
  • Laser print customer copies of retail installment contracts and lease agreements.
  • Laser print all other dealer forms including insurance & aftersale products, state DMV, customized dealer forms in full duplex and color.

docuFORMS allows your dealership:

  • Business manager(s) to be compliant and make proper disclosures.
  • Speeds up the forms printing process.
  • Increases customer satisfaction with the F&I process.
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