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At Reynolds, we are extremely proud of our tradition of providing the highest quality solutions, service, and support. Our customers frequently send us success stories about how our people and products have made their business better. Check out some of our current featured stories to the right.

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RSS Is Like a Dealership Employee

"Michelle has served our dealership group for many years. We have always been very impressed with her level of knowledge on all aspects of the Reynolds system. We were fortunate to have her on our original conversion team so she is familiar with our dealership operations. She uses this knowledge from her frequent visits to continually keep us informed of new enhancements that would benefit us.

Although she always comes to our dealership with something in mind to address, she is also flexible and able to adapt to questions that we have and take on additional duties while she is here. She has frequently worked with the accounting department. She helped us streamline our deal posting and has trained several users in Sales and F&I. She knows all of the system very well but she is never shy about asking for help from others at Reynolds if she doesn't know the answer.

Michelle always seems authentically interested in us and our success! Her level of commitment to our organization would almost make it appear she is our employee. Because of her commitment to true customer service, she is a very valuable asset to Reynolds and to our business. I look forward to working with Michelle for years to come!"

Mary Hutchison, Chief Financial Officer
Ewing Automotive Group
Plano, TX