Reynolds and Reynolds
Innovation has been a hallmark of both The Reynolds and Reynolds Company and Universal Computer Systems, Inc. (UCS). Reynolds has evolved from a business forms manufacturer into one of the world's leading information management companies serving the automotive retailing industry. UCS has grown from a regional data processing service to a complete dealer services provider, often being the first to introduce many of the dealership software applications available today. Click here for a detailed timeline.

The merger of Reynolds and UCS, completed in 2006, creates the world's pre-eminent dealer services provider. The new Reynolds and Reynolds Company brings together two distinguished companies, both rooted in a legacy of innovation, now working together to create solutions and services designed to help retailers sell more cars, reach more customers, and improve their profitability.

1866 - The legacy of Reynolds began when Gardner & Reynolds was founded in Dayton, Ohio, by Lucius D. Reynolds, and his brother-in-law, James R. Gardner. Their small manufacturing company was one of the first to print standardized business forms. The firm became Reynolds & Reynolds in 1867 when Gardner sold his stake in the business to Ira Reynolds, Lucius Reynolds' father. In 1889, the firm was incorporated as The Reynolds and Reynolds Company.

1920s - Reynolds created the first standardized accounting forms and a paper-based accounting system for Chevrolet and its retailers. The innovation also laid the groundwork for Reynolds to become the major forms and systems provider to the automobile retailer market.

1960s - Reynolds became the first to offer computer services to automotive retailers throughout the nation - a key step in transforming the way individual retailers and car companies managed their businesses.

1970 - Universal Computer Systems, Inc. began as a regional data processing service bureau, providing local dealerships with weekly reports of their parts inventory.

1980s -Reynolds and UCS both offer business forms to automotive retailers and market in-house dealer management systems integrating all areas throughout an enterprise from the business office to the parts department, service department and showroom floor.

2000s - Reynolds and UCS both harness the power of the Internet by providing comprehensive customer relationship management solutions, Internet-enabled applications and advanced dealer management systems. With these solutions, dealerships are able adjust to a new technology-driven environment and capitalize on every customer interaction.

Today - The merger of Reynolds and UCS on October 26, 2006, enables the combined companies to leverage years of innovation and experience to refine and develop market-leading solutions and award-winning sales, service and support teams. The new Reynolds and Reynolds Company is now well-positioned to uphold the legacy of customer-driven innovation and customer-focused service with more strength than ever before.