COINdata LLC is a technology development and systems company located in Norcross, Georgia. Formed in 2005, COINdata creates and delivers unique software applications to the automotive dealer market. These applications assist the automotive dealer by providing a more effective transaction experience for the consumer at time of vehicle sale.

This primary new technology is called docuPAD©. This new, innovative technology system will revolutionize the automotive F&I sales process. Automobile dealers will benefit from this technology through speed, accuracy, compliance, and increased profits in the F&I process. This new technology will assist in helping an overall “industry change” in processing automobile and related product sales.

COINdata is a company created by the original founding members of COIN Financial Systems, the pioneers of dealership F&I systems during the 1970’s through 1990’s. COIN’s expertise was creating valued leading-edge technology applications that provided solutions for the F&I and sales departments in automotive dealerships by delivering processes that increased dealers‘ profits.

Our mission is to successfully deploy new technology applications to automobile dealers that will help improve the automobile industry’s retail F&I sales process by increasing customer satisfaction and improving the sales experience while creating valuable efficiencies for dealers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other industry vendors.

docuPAD is covered by multiple U.S. patents and multiple patents applicants pending.

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